Do less, do more

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2013 by scottsund

Dear friends of this blog:
After 161 posts and 33, 750 views over the last 3 years its time to end Look to the North. 

I’m slowly learning that I would rather do less things but do them with more intentionality and follow-through.  In recent months the mix of involvements in my life has kept me running at too busy a pace.  The result is less blogging than I want but also a chance to look over my life and say “what if I do less, could I really do more?”

Answer is yes.  I want to say no to more things, in order to have more time for my wife and kids.  More time to read and relax.  More time to take care of my body and enjoy nature.  Time to worry about less things.

This is a small step but alas, all small steps are the beginning of longer journeys.  

Thanks for stopping by- thanks for being a fan- on Jan. 1 the blog will be taken down.  Until then…look to the north.  May God bless you in this special time of the year,


One Response to “Do less, do more”

  1. Amen bro!

    Danny sent from my phone


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