In grateful on November 21, 2012 by scottsund

An elementary definition of the term thankful would be simply to be full of thanks.  How to be full of anything in days of derision and despair?  When bombs are flying in Israel and FB is full of hate and disdain for all that isn’t your exact philosophical or religious or political opinion?  What if we don’t always feel thankful?

Lord make us one.  Lord teach me to love.  Lord teach me to give thanks.

As a new parent again, I’m so mindful of all that a baby needs.  My son Skye is 2 months and whenever he needs something, he cries out.  Generally he’s a very happy little guy, but a baby is a baby, so when he’s wet- he cries.  When he’s hungry- he cries.  Whenever something is bothering him- he cries out.  He cries out- and we come running.  Because we love him.  We want his needs to be met.  We understand that he needs us too and that causes us to move towards him out of our love.

Do we cry out to God when we need something?  Do we cry out to God when our hearts aren’t full of thanks?  Do we cry out to God to fill us up?

At times life gets so full I just stop crying out.   I make myself busy with really important things, like errands,, and Facebook.  And I stop crying out.  I stop seeking a relationship with God as the top priority in my life.  It’s just so easy to stop seeking Him and stop crying out to Him when there is so much here in my midst to keep me busy.

And yet we’re called to follow Him and to be a people crying out to know Him more.  To see Him move in the lives of our loved ones and our communities.  Crying out so that we would be full of thanks for all He is doing here.

My life right now probably looks like many of yours.  I’m grateful for so much, and yet, carry so many other concerns and worries.  There is so much to celebrate, and yet I find myself weary or stressing at times.  And yet today, I’m mindful that like my baby son, God in Heaven wants to pick me up and hold me.  He wants to meet my needs.  He wants me to cry out for Him so He can fill me up.

Though life isn’t perfect, I can give full thanks for that.

Father God, teach me to follow you more.  Thank you for calling me Your own.  Thank you for letting me see you and know you.  Lord fill me up with your thanks.  Break my heart with what breaks yours.  And may I be fully capable of gratitude for all the wonderful work you’re doing in my life, in my family, in our church, in this city, and in your world.  There is much unsettled Lord, and yet You are alive. And You reign.  And you will one day make all things right.  For those things and many, many more- I give thanks.  I love you Jesus.

-Your son,





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