This is Bethany North

In Bethany North on September 21, 2011 by scottsund

This is Bethany North.  This is the church.  This is the hard work of making faith real.  This is hard times.  This is long hours.  This is challenge.  This isn’t perfect.  This is difficult.  This is frustrating.  This is disappointing.  This is the church.

And yet….Christ called the church “His bride.”  Not sure about you, but I only use that term for one person, the most important person in the world.  How important is the church to Jesus Christ?  We are called his soul mate, his life partner, his forevermore.  That is a pretty important distinction.

This is the church.  We exist to connect to Jesus Christ, and to work for His Kingdom in the future and right here and now.  We exist to connect together so that in relationship with one another we can become stronger than we are alone.  A 3 strand cord is not easily broken, the bible says.  The church seeks to be like that cord, knit together, clinging to our very fiber.  Our existence is measured in how well we can connect together.

And we connect so that we can serve, so that we can pour out from the great love we have experienced in Jesus Christ.  We are all sinners, and not until Jesus reigns again will we know perfection, but we still can serve others to exemplify Christ’s love.  Our hope is that by serving others we can see the world a bit more like Jesus sees it.  Beautiful.  Needing attention.  Ready to love.

This is the church.  This is why we gather on Sundays.  Why we work so hard to create community groups where people get to know each other more personally.  This is why we collect socks for Union Gospel Mission and help build homeless shelters for Jacob’s well and why we meet with Seniors at Arden and why we do the things we do.

Our church is hoping to grow.  Join us.  Come this Sunday at 10am to the Spartan Gym in Shoreline to hear more and worship together.  Stay after the service for a bar-b-que and a time of celebration.  And join the movement!  We’ll see you there.


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