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According to the dictionary, a coda is “the concluding passage of a movement or composition.”  I’ve been thinking about conclusions lately and about movements of music and transitions.  We wrapped up the fishing season this weekend in Canada and shut down the cabin and all the buildings of the property.  Within 24 hours the resort where I work in the summer went from bustling property hosting 25 guests and 14 staff members to being a ghost town.  Not much transition about it…it was like going 75 miles an hour on I-5 and slamming into a fruit truck- everything just stopped.

We drove south as a family and discussed favorite memories of the summer and what everyone was looking forward to in this next season.  After 2 ferry rides, a half hour wait at the border, and 11 hours in the truck, we made it back to Edmonds.

Yesterday we packed up summer stuff and put salmon and halibut into the freezer that we had caught over the previous months and unpacked school supplies and school clothes for the first days of school this week.

Then last night Heather and I and the big kids slept on the trampoline under the stars.  It was something my daughter has wanted to do since the first day of spring and I often tell her no…it is too cold or it is too late or it will be too early when we have to get up or Papa has too much work to do.  Last night was no exception in the myriad of excuses I could have made, but instead, I just said yes.  We lay out under the stars and talked and looked for constellations and cuddled.

The reality of sleeping under the stars in September in Edmonds?  You wake up freezing and damp…and with 2 flopping children kicking their way through the night in a sleeping bag….you don’t get much sleep either.  But still you do it.  You give in to the desires of a child, you put yourself into their shoes, and you pull out the sleeping bags.

As a “coda” to the summer, it wasn’t the “best night ever” or yield some unforgettable memory we’ll never forget.  It was just a night trying to soak in one last bit of summer vacation before school activities start today.  But this is life isn’t it?  Rarely the “biggest” or “best” and more often than not, its easy to question where you’re going or how to get there.  But we have these small moments each day to choose to be present to those around us and indulge their desires and make memories.  Though one season is concluding for our family with the summer fishing season behind us, the next season is upon us in a hurry.  I wish there was a bit of a gap, a week to relish and relax and prepare and catch up on all the to-do’s that are before me.   But alas, this is a wish in vain- thinking I can stop time and stop what is coming.  This is wasted energy.  All we can do is make the most of each day, step into each opportunity that we are presented with, try to be faithful to the God who loves us by responding to Him in faithfulness.  Ecclesiastes says, “Sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle in the evening, for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed, or whether both of them alike will be good.  The light is pleasant, and it is good for the eyes to see the sun.  Indeed if a man should live many years, let him rejoice in them all, and let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many.”

Quite literally the days are getting darker already as we head towards winter but let us cling to these days where literally and figuratively the light is with us, when we can respond to the wishes of our children, the dreams of our hearts, the plans God has put within us, and step into this next season with passion and purpose.  Though days of darkness come and we can’t avoid them, let us cling to the light, cling to the promises God has given us, and the lives He has entrusted us with.  Let us dance our ways into the next movement of music.  The Maker of all music awaits our next step.


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