New name

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We all have these names-
The old things we call ourselves.
Laboring under this load
Of fear and self hatred.
It wears us out.

It is now when He comes,
“I’ll be with you”
-Comes the voice from up high
From the Father, through the Son-
“You can’t do this alone.
Let me transform you.”

How do I learn?
How do I live?
How do I become
this new name?

The best part?  The good news
On this rainy day?
The work has already been done.
The cracked pot has been made whole.
The glory from the ugly
has already been made beautiful.
I can
because I cannot.
I will
because He has already willed.
Strength, made perfect in Him,
This is my new name.

I cannot stay in this darkened valley.
I’ve been called to ‘on high’
Where my strength already stands.

You have made me Beloved,
And gave me a purpose to follow you.
Use me Lord.  I am a new creation.
All to glorify you.



One Response to “New name”

  1. hi scott, this is beautiful and really spoke to me right where i am. thank you for posting back in March for me to find today.

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