There Came A Great Light

In Bethany North on December 24, 2010 by scottsund

Merry Christmas Eve everyone.  We know with our heads that Jesus came to earth to bring light, hope, and love.  And yet we look around and despair and anxiety is everywhere.  Where is this great light we have been promised?  Where is this hope?  Where is this love?

Ironically, they are right where God promised them- in the person of Jesus Christ.  In the baby found in a feeding trough in a barn out in the country, the God of the universe brought forth his son.  The message is simple: I will show up in a way you do not expect, in a social situation and soci0-economic class that makes My Son accessible to everywhere.

Draw near to God’s great hope and light and love this season – you’ll find it in joining your life with Jesus Christ.  There came a great light – and his name was Jesus Christ.  If you’re in town tonight, come by Bethany North at 4:30 for our first Christmas Eve candlelight service.  It is going to be a beautiful night together as we celebrate the light.



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