In Hurt on December 11, 2010 by scottsund

Today marks the day of our son Fisher’s death two years ago.  He was due Dec. 6, 2008 and on Dec. 10 we learned he had died of an umbilical cord accident.  He was almost nine pounds and beautiful.

Brokenhearted, on Dec 10 we walked from the OB’s office over to Swedish Hospital and Heather labored through the night.  On the morning of Dec. 11, 2008, she birthed our deceased son Fisher Samuel Sund.  It was the most heartbreaking time of my entire life.

The last two years have been a journey from heartbreak and sadness to renewed hope and joy.  And yet, we will always remember our boy and he will always have a place in our family.  A small piece of me will always be sad…it is like this when we grieve.  We are forever altered from the experience.

I don’t understand everything about faith, and why things happen in the world that just break our heart.  But I do know that God loves me, that God has held my family together in our heartache, and that we can still trust Him even in the midst of our storms. It is ultimately what Jesus promises here….Jesus seems to be saying, “look, the world will break your heart, but you can still trust Me.”

So if you have a few moments, let me introduce you to my son Fisher Samuel.  He was beautiful.  And I believe he waits for us in Heaven where we will someday be with him.  I believe I will walk with him, and we will exchange stories.  I will look at his hands and his nose and the color of his hair and he will be beautiful.  Until then, I’ll always remember him.  And I will trust that Jesus is taking good care of my boy.  As a father, there is nothing worse than to not be able to protect your loved ones.  But it gives great hope to me to know that Fisher is in good hands up there.

Here is my boy…


2 Responses to “Remembering….”

  1. Heather & Scott….my prayers are with you today as you celebrate Fisher today. You have been an amazing pilar of strength with all you have gone through and example to many. May Fisher bring joy to your heart today. I know he’s in good hands with our Lord. How exciting to reunite with him one day. Love to you and the family this Christmas season.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Your family is a testimony of faith, strength, honesty, and transparency. Fisher reminds me that some day we all will be home just like he is now.

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