Giving Thanks

In The Journey on November 25, 2010 by scottsund

Last night we had a great Thanksgiving Eve service at Bethany Church.  For the brave souls that endured the icy conditions, it was a great time of worship and gratitude.  One of the key themes shared was that gratitude enhances everything…allowing us to receive more of Jesus Christ.  In short, we are grateful in order to be transformed.  I will blog about this more in my next post, but wanted to share some thoughts from the gratitude exhibited from people that worship at Bethany North. Sometimes when we don’t feel grateful, it is the gratitude of others that can draw our hearts to see the good in the world.

So what are you thankful for?  Here’s what some in our community are giving thanks for…

Thankful for health, God’s grace.

I am thankful for a consistent & ever present God in the midst of an ever changing world.

We are thankful for the freedom to worship together and for the Lord’s provisions, for family and friends.

Thankful for healthy, loving family, a country we can worship freely in, a God who loves me unconditionally.

We are thankful for our supportive families, and for providing for our needs daily.

Thankful for good friends and a loving community to journey through life with.

Thankful to have M. home for the holidays, for family, for God’s protection this year.

Snow! I am thankful for sports.

We are thankful for the wealth of life, friends, family, shelter, food, jobs, health, and a vibrant faith community.

I am thankful for God and my family.

I am thankful for my children, my wife, my Lord.

Thankful for friends and a place to live.

We are thankful for our coming kid.

Thankful for grandkids & health.

I am thankful for God’s sense of humor, my amazing boyfriend Chris, a stable job, clean water, artwork by kids.

A loving, supportive community of friends to walk alongside me and uplift during hard times—such a beautiful gift!

Thankful for my beautiful daughter.

We are thankful for our son, my job & Julie can stay at home with Parker.

Thankful for learning & understanding more about God’s amazing holiness & how that really affects how we live daily.
Thankful for Bethany North & the great host of volunteers that are giving of themselves for God’s Kingdom!

Thankful! Second mammogram showed I didn’t have cancer! So grateful !

So thankful for our new home here and the way God has knit us into this community including Bethany North.

A God who gives me what I need and takes what I don’t. He loves.

Grateful for my amazing fiancée, for God’s faithfulness & generosity towards me, for good closure before my upcoming move.

Unconditional love from God and my family.

I am thankful for my family and all the things God has blessed me with.

Thankful for the people in our bible study—they are my greatest encouragement.

And from the kids….

Thankful for snow.

Sleds and snow.

I am thankful for our savior.
I am thankful for Starbucks and Dicks Hamburgers.
My mom and dad.

My family.

My dog and for food.

The Sky (age 4)

The Bible (age 5)

My dog (age 4)
Firemen boots (age 3)

The stars (age 4 and a half)

Snow and rain. (age 3)

My baby sister. (age 5)

I’m thankful. (age 2)

For the apples (age 3).

For my hands. (age 4)


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  1. What a beautiful tapestry of thanksgiving…thank you for sharing!

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