Getting ready for the move north!

In The Journey on September 16, 2010 by scottsund

This has been a big week for the new church of Bethany North.  On Tuesday Eric Henderson, worship director at Bethany Church, and I rode to Lynnwood with the new A/V trailer for the Bethany satellites and loaded it with all the speakers, cables, microphones, screens, and all else that will be used to create our church service.  After loading the trailer (and being told about 4 times that one of our brake lights wasn’t working properly) we headed to Spiro’s in Shoreline for pizza dinner with some of the Team Leaders for the “Make Preparations There” team, the roadies that will be making the church come together each week.  

At 7 we headed to Richmond Highlands and met members from Bethany Greenlake and other volunteers from our leadership team for the launch of Bethany North.  Over the course of the next few hours we got trained by the crew from Morgan Sound in setting up the high-tech audio/visual set up for the equipment.  It was simply amazing.  Truly, we were doing tiny things: setting up mic stands, running cords, unpacking chairs and figuring out rows, etc.  And yet, God was writing a MACRO story in the community center.  As the 20 or so men worked and connected and figured out the configuration of the worship space, lives were intermingling, opinions were being shared, hands were being leant to one another’s work.  Without being overly sentimental, I can tell you it was honestly beautiful.  

As Eric plugged in his guitar and sang a few worship songs and Jeremy Schultz played along on the drum, guys scurried around stacking and re-stacking chairs and finishing all the final touches of the set up.  I quietly exited the community center and stood in the mostly empty parking lot as a half-moon hung in the sky above.  It was a perfect mid September Seattle night and as the noise from the building washed over me, I was profoundly aware of God’s spirit on the place.  It was like God was with me there, saying, “See Scott, you can trust me.  I will write a story here with these people.  12 months ago you dreamt about this, 6 months ago you looked for a space, 3 months ago you had barbeques to get to know one another, and here you are tonight, in a space I picked out for you, preparing to do my work.”  It brought me to my knees in thankfulness and adoration.  

I have already said it but will continue saying it now.  We are already the church.  We are already writing a new story of people being shaped into disciples of Christ.  There is so much to do as we prepare for next Sunday’s launch of Bethany North, but let us never forget of what God has already done.  We are already travelling on the journey that He has selected us for.  And I wouldn’t want to be any other place.  

Here are some photos from the night… 

Worship director Eric Henderson is impressed with the equipment.

The guys wheel the equipment into Richmond Highlands Rec Center

What is he measuring anyway????

On the spot training from Morgan Sound

Imagine these seats filled on Sep. 26!

Getting the layout dialed in

Def Leoppard show? Nah...Bethany North.


2 Responses to “Getting ready for the move north!”

  1. Love your newsletter & blog Scott. You have a real gift for writing and it shows. Excited that the Bethany north has come to fruition and anxious to come visit. Maybe Paul and I will come to the opening service on the 26th. Greatful that you are the man chosen to be in charge and to oversee the flock. Blessings as you step forward and trust the Lord in this very cool adventure.

    Brenda Kent

  2. So excited for you! It’s going to be wonderful!

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