Two Thirds

In The Journey on August 28, 2010 by scottsund

In a few days, the year will officially be 2/3 done.  ‘Really,’ you ask?  ‘Two thirds?  But it just began!  I remember…it was New Years Day…and there was so much I was going to do!  The work-out regime!  The daily bible reading!  The praying with my spouse!  Where has this year gone…and where have my resolutions taken me?’

I’m actually a fan of resolutions…whether at New Years or Summer Solstice or whenever.  The simple fact is, sometimes as humans we need to put a line in the sand, make some of the deeper goals of our life as benchmarks, and set a resolution.  But often the disconnect comes from what we actually want to become, and how we actually fill our life.  Sadly, even though we’ve set a resolution or a goal or want to do something with our lives, we often mistake the small actions we take in the day-to-day living as inconsequential.  I want to lose weight but this one candy bar won’t hurt.  I want to get in better shape but I only have 20 minutes and so I’ll wait till I have more time.  You get my point…we forget that our lives are merely a collection of small moments, of small decisions, of small actions that eventually over the course of a week or a month or a year result in deeper change.

Last year I made a goal to read the bible in a year.  Not a hugely lofty goal like completing a marathon or climbing Everest but I had never read through the whole Bible on a daily basis.  I didn’t make a big deal about it and didn’t create some over-extensive plan.  I just showed up.  Every morning.  I set my alarm clock a bit earlier.  I made coffee.  And before anyone else was up, I read my bible and prayed.  Every day.  Oh sure, there was the odd day when somebody was sick or something came up that kept me from this routine, but I just made sure the next morning to get up 10 minutes earlier to catch up.   And you know what?  Over the course of the year, I read the bible.  The entire thing.  Even the crazy list of names at the beginning of I Chronicles

During the year, my son Fisher died, crushing my family’s hope and joy in a single, gasping, moment.  But that is for another blog post on another morning.  I just mention it now because if I wasn’t reading the bible beforehand every day, I’m not sure I would have been as prepared to deal with the hurt and heartache that ensued.  And even after the heartbreaking loss, I kept reading.  There were times I was mad at God or wrote question marks and sad faces in the margins of my bible when I read of the Lord’s great provision in the midst of my loss.  But I kept showing up.  And the fruit that flowed from that year of dedicated bible reading was so amazing.  But hear me carefully, it was an amazing experience made up of 365 very small and insignificant decisions to keep showing up.

So, where are you at with your resolutions?  Are you still showing up?  And what king of things do you want to do or accomplish with your last third of the year?  I’d love to hear your ideas for your last third!


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  1. Hey Scott — Great post. I found myself in a similar spot where I realized I hadn’t read all the books of the Bible, and so I started reading 2 chapters a day in my car before heading into work. Just to center myself. And if I was late for a meeting, I’d put the Bible on the dash as a reminder to read my chapters before I left for the day. It’s a slow regiment, but I know I’ll finish (probably mid-2011). Most mornings it does feel kind of ‘religious’ and something I need to check-off, but in showing up I’ve been able to receive unexpected comfort and encouragement at the times when it’s been most needed. For the last 1/3 of the year I need to work on focused prayer.

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